The most complete patent search software.  As a patent professional, improve your performance with world class AI.

Quartet’s state-of-the art technology was designed by professional patent searchers and machine learning experts for patent information professionals, patent agents, scientific advisors, and patent examiners. Even the most difficult prior art searches are not a problem with Quartet’s modern search engine and industry-leading artificial intelligence algorithms, carefully designed to deliver the most relevant prior art at your fingertips.

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Finally, the kind of patent search software you have always wanted.

Clean, Enjoyable Interface

Discover an expertly-designed interface that simplifies the patent information professional’s workflow, saves time and effort, remembers your progress, and improves collaboration.

Quartet Keeps You Organized

As a patent searcher, you may work on client matters, cases, or projects.  Quartet keeps you organized so you have everything related to the patent search in a single place and can find it easily, anytime.  With project folders, you can see everything related to an assignment from search strings to AI search results, family and legal status, custom highlights, saved results, and shared reports.

Finding Relevant Patent Families or Individual Patents is Easier than Ever

You can choose to perform a traditional search with the Boolean search engine or with the help of an AI search engine.  Both methods will work together to find relevant prior art that has been shown to deliver better prior art, more quickly.

Smart Number Check

Quartet handles diverse publication number formats effortlessly. Our state-of-the-art AI algorithms eliminate confusion by accurately interpreting different numbering conventions. Enter or paste all kinds of strange number formats from across jurisdictions and Quartet will immediately identify the correct patent publications for you.

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Are you a university student?  Get free access to Quartet.

Quartet is pleased to support the IP Community and offer university students free access.

Students Enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters, JD or PhD program (1 License)

Students Enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters, JD or PhD program (1 License)

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Access to all 150 Million+ Patent Documents
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Dan Kim

Quartet helps me to keep all of my projects organized by unifying the timeline, highlights, and references seen, all without having to manually save. It’s a big time saver, and helps me to stay focused on the substantive searching.

Duarte Ho

Quartet’s powerful interface and well thought out features like its highlighting system and figure display make it a breeze to quickly and accurately review a large number of references.

Todd Voeltz

Quartet provides a patent search engine with a unique timeline presentation for each search project that allows you to navigate through your search with relative ease.

Ravi Mudaliar

The integration of both AI search and Boolean search simultaneously in Quartet, has helped me optimize my search strategies and perform analysis efficiently. Additionally, the seamless user interface design has made the steps of searching, reviewing, and reporting of results, streamlined.

Brian Davidson

I enjoy Quartet’s forward-looking approach, combined with their dedication to listening to user feedback to improve their system. I feel as though the team understands my needs and is willing to implement features to meet those needs. No other search system on the market allows you to effortlessly blend the best of traditional Boolean system searching with cutting-edge AI searching techniques.

Jonathan Skovholt

I love how Quartet makes it easy to quickly digest complex information like classification codes. A rare balanced system, Quartet is both intuitive to use while still being a powerful search system.

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